Using a Sprinter for business can be a cost-effective way to provide quality transportation for visitors, whether inside the city or over longer distances. The Mercedes Shuttle, which can accommodate a large number of passengers, is a premier mode of transportation that is suitable for projecting the right picture to your clients and out-of-town business executives.

 When a large group of people arrives at your business at the same time, the safest way to transport them is in an elegantly built vehicle with plenty of luggage room. Nothing says unprofessional like not getting enough luggage storage room. This will never happen with the Mercedes Sprinter.


~ Mercedes-Benz built smooth suspension system~ Interior lighting~ Soft leather seats~ Seating for up to 14 passengers
Ideally Suited For:
1. Birthdays
2. Corporate events
3. In-city transportation
4. Wedding parties
So, the next time you have a VIP visitor or a birthday party, treat them to a ride in the Mercedes Sprinter. Even if they just need to get from the airport to their hotel or convention centre, the Mercedes Sprinter is the best option.